Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Latest and the Greatest

I know. Its been way too long since i have even looked at my blog! Sorry. So much has gone on in our lives since my last post which was forever ago. Here is a summarzied version of our lives lately:
  • We went to San Diego for our Anniversary in May. We drove 2100 miles!! and Carver is proud to say he drove it all. Trust me, I tried to help out.
  • Stopped at the Hoover Dam. Carver was in Heaven.

Splash Mountain.. Haha i made Carver sit in the front cuz it was his first time. He was so scared.
  • Moved to Raft River for the summer. well, Carver moved. He worked in AF at Double L (designing potato harvesters) and i kept my job at Valhalla in Logan working 3 days a week and driving back to RR for the rest of the week. It was complete chaos! Needless to say, im so happy to be back in our apartment and not traveling every week.
  • We got the new iPhone 4! Unfortunately we both have become what you could call a phone geek! they are so fun and addicting.
  • My brother left on his mission in July. talk about a sad time!
  • We saw Jake Owen in concert. He is such a great performer
  • I learned alot of yummy "recipes" from my mom and ate THE best food this summer. She makes the best homeade bread and we both are noticing the effects of eating way too much.
  • Carver has been working on his private pilot's license flying with his dad
  • We moved back to Logan August 30
  • Followed my dad in the LOTOJA. This was so fun to see all of the cyclists and to help my dad out and see him finish! 10:43 was his finishing time. He's a stud.
  • My Mom and Dad gave me a Specialized Dolce purple road bike! and Carver found a Specialized Mountain bike for a pretty good price. We go on leisurely bike rides now. Carver is obsessed about his bike.
  • Carver has become fascinated and obsessed over ropes. Ropes? i know. In his spare time, he ties nots and asks me "Whats this knot called?" like i know! i didnt pay attention at Girls Camp knot tying certification.
  • And now we are back to our normal lives. School. Homework. Work. Making Dinner. Cleaning the kitchen. Doing Laundry. Homework. Work. and watching Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy factory. we dont have TV so everything we watch has to be on Hulu or a couple days after the day its on tv.
  • OH! and The Bishop in our ward asked me if i would be the Gospel Doctrine Teacher again! oh geeze i said. but i agreed and this sunday i will be teaching. Carver was able to give me a blessing and it was the first one he's ever given! it was such a neat experience. I Love my husband so much. Im very confident that this lesson will go very good. Its in Isaiah, but the manual was very helpful. Its Tuesday, and i already have my whole lesson written out! yah.
Carver graduates from USU in December!!!!!!! I didnt think this day would come so fast, but now it is. Now we are having to decide what to do with our lives. We are waiting to hear from Double L if they have a job offer. My clientele is booming and i love it so much! Im sad for the day when we have to leave Logan. I hope not, but we'll see. You can always build a clientele wherever you go its just such hard work that you have to fully commit yourself to.

Fall time is here! and i love it so much. Im hoping this weekend we can take a drive up the canyons along the wasatch front and look at all of the pretty trees turning. That has to be one of my favorite things to do.

I promise im going to keep up on this blogging. I wish i had a baby to blog about..................
Take care!

Monday, March 8, 2010

the latest

As for the Critchfields, school is all we know. Carver has been very very busy with school and always doing homework. I like to think someday this will all pay off and i will get to spend time with my husband, rather than myself, the couch, and tv.
I have kinda become obsessed with crafts lately. I recently made a zipper flower hairpin and working on more to sell at the salon. They are soo cute and i will post some pictures soon. The other project im starting are these cute blocks that say spring. go to lindseyscraftlist.blogspot.com and look for Spring Blocks with Tutorial. This girl has such cute ideas!
Besides my crafts, work has been going really good. i have been super busy these last couple weeks, which made up for a slow couple weeks. I absolutly love working at the salon and love Aveda. it has become one of my other obsessions :)
My brother put in his mission papers and they think he will be getting his call this week. I have been really sad about it but at the same time, its so exciting. My little sister who is 13 is madly, deeply, and seriously in love with Michael Buble. She knows everything about him. Everytime i call her, she has something to say about him. The lucky girl is going to his concert in salt lake city later this month. I love watching her grow up.
Other than school and homework and work and cooking dinner, we are doing wonderful! I am so lucky for the husband i have and all the time he puts into his future career.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Onion Rings Experiment

So we got a Fry Daddy for our wedding, and i wanted to try and make onion rings for dinner. they were alright, but my taste buds werent satisfied, so i opted to fry a chips ahoy cookie in the same batter. Imagine the oil smelling like onions and garlic, and the thought of a chocolate chip cookie. Haha, not a good mix. i sprinkled some powdered sugar on top hopin it would make it taste good, but it was pure garlic onion chocolate chip cookie. Pretty gross. but id imagine if you had the right kind of batter, it would be way good.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I love Fall time!

In October, we went to the pumpkin patch with the whole Critchfield Family. it was so fun. My neice and nephew are the cutest kids on the earth! i love them so much. They say the cutest things and always make me laugh. We picked out their "perfect pumpkins" and got lots of dirt in our shoes.

Ava Mae is the cutest little girl!

Truman and his famous smile

This fall has been busy for us. Carver is always doing homework and always working when he finds the time. He is able to work from home for a mechanical engineer from raft river, so its very convenient. I have been working at the salon, building my clientelle and making the money! :) I am recovering from the Horrible nasty swine flu!!! I am so glad Carver hasnt gotten it yet and i hope he doesnt. its not fun! But life goes on. I love logan. It is such a beautiful valley and not too big.

Carver and i got church callings in our family ward. It was our 3rd week there, and He got called to be the Sunday School Presidency 1st counselor, and I...............drumroll....Gospel Doctrine Teacher. OH MY WORD! i was completely terrifed, felt so inadequate and scared out of my mind! i taught my first lesson last sunday, and I felt very good about it. i had a lot of compliments, so it was definitely alot better than i thought it was. Seriously, i thought there would be no way i would be able to teach older people something that they know more than me about! But i had alot of help and i am so greatful for it!

Life is going great and i love being married!!!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Goofy Husband

My Cowboy Wannabe Husband... posing in the raspberry patch.

Carver and I were out picking zuchinni in my mom's garden so i could make some zuchinni bread, and all of a sudden i hear him say "OH MY WORD." and he's laughin...thinking he's really going to be the favorite son in law. This is what he found....

The biggest zuchinni i've ever seen!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Our Honeymoon to Jackson Hole Wyoming.

The Alpine Slide. guess who won?
Of course, ME :)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Our Entertainment For The Night

Carver really enjoys pulling people's pajama pants all the way up and tucking their shirts into the bottoms. Tonight, i was wearing these striped pajama pants and he got a hold of me, tucked my shirt into the pants, and pulled them all the way up as far as they go. I drop my head because of embarassment as he laughs and points at me. I have to walk ALL THE WAY ACROSS the room to get away from the embarassment. He thinks it is the funniest thing ever but im so glad i can humor him.